Science Saved My Soul

This video reminded me of the reason why I love and value science above everything else.



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6 responses to “Science Saved My Soul

  1. interesting …
    since science can’t prove (or disprove) there is a soul … 🙂

  2. Leo

    Well, to be fair, I think its important to point out that science doesn’t even care whether we have a soul or not.

  3. hassan

    We learn about Soul through religion and nobody on the earth doubt about it. Yet, science fails to explain the forms of soul. Nor does it explain what we see in the dreams. In the dreams, are we in a different world? So, think again. Is science so superior?

    • Leo

      Again, I don’t think science cares about souls. As for dreams, science does have a pretty good idea about how we dream, although its a little fuzzy on the reason we do. Meaning of dreams? I am not even gonna humor that.

  4. hassan

    even if science did care, scientists cannot do anything about it. it’s just beyond human understanding. but we all know it exists, don’t we? so, everything you don’t see is not non-existent. nor is everything that exit you can explain through science because it is only a trial and error method of learning how God created the nature and set their rules. scientific knowledge begins with hypothesis (mere thoughts) later become theories (when the cocept is true for similar situations). again, one day that theory may be proven wrong or altered by another scientist. koran, the last testament, has a different approach. it states facts and we later on find that they are true. such examples is the divisions between the seas (i.e., pacific and atlantic ocean do not mix) mentioned therein. later through science we learnt the reasons (variation in density) for it or how God holds them separate. although it is not a scientific book it has similar other examples for those who “think” as it states.

    • Leo

      Oh please, don’t talk about the scientific miracles of the Quran, where so-called “science” remained buried in obscure passages sandwiched between how Muhammad hated his chums dropping by unannounced, for centuries until someone warped their meanings to barely fit descriptions of the modern scientific age, mainly the 20th century. I have read the Quran and I have encountered almost every single passage that claims to be miraculous and have found that they fit into any of these:
      1) based on knowledge that already existed (esp. ancient Greeks),
      2) are downright wrong and misleading OR
      3) are based on translations that are circumstantial and in no way can be validated, proved or disproved (so effectively, worthless in the scientific context)
      And by the way, claiming scientific miracles for the Quran is counter-intuitive for the very reason that all science is provisional… we expand or correct existing theories to better explain natural phenomena (not bronze age holy scriptures!), you know that as clearly as you do acknowledge that the Quran is not a scientific book so please do us both a favor and quit touting miracles in the same breath.

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